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Why is it so expensive?

Working at heights is a high risk occupation.... We are working at heights on an angled roof. Your roof is also an uneven surface, we are also adding water onto that surface which increases the risk of fall....
Any fall from either a single storey roof or double storey roof will result in injury.
For us to complete our task we need to access your gutters, putting us at the edge of your roof.
Care must be taken to ensure that no damage occurs to our workers or your roof.

How long does a clean take?

There is no real guidelines as to how long a gutter clean takes to complete. Factors which affect the length of time include, height, access, amount of debris & the size of your house.
Regularly maintained gutters usually take between 2 - 3hrs, dependant upon the size of your house. Leaf litter can accumulate in some areas but can leave other areas untouched.
If your gutters have not had a clean for a length of time, then the leaf litter has broken down into dirt. Digging dirt out of gutters takes longer as there is a safe weight limit we can transfer from your gutters to your green bins.

How do I know my gutters have been cleaned?

Before & after photos are taken of every clean and sent to you.
You now have a benchmark... For you next clean, photos are again provided to you so that you know how much debris is entering your gutters & whether the time in-between cleans needs to be greater or less.

What happens if it rains?

Access to rooves in the wet is highly dangerous... Each worker has several backup appointments in their calendar. In the event of rain, you will be notified of the cancellation & your appointment will be pushed to the first available back-up date. You will receive notification of the date & time of your new appointment.

Do I need to be home?

No.... as all cleans are performed either from the roof or from ladders, we do not need any internal access.

How do I pay?

Once your clean has been completed, your before & after photos are sent to you. As well a breakdown of you roof clean is sent to you. This breakdown is also sent to the office so that an invoice can be generated, allowing you to transfer your funds via direct deposit. You can also pay with cash.

Are you able to carry out essential repairs?

Yes... we encounter many cracked roof tiles whilst we perform our gutter cleans. These tiles can either be replaced or sealed with silicone.
For larger issues, photos are taken & sent to you to notify you of an existing issue. We will discuss with you the available options, if we can attend to these issues on the day & you are happy with any additional charges, we will proceed.
Otherwise, diagrams & plans will be created to educate you as to best rectify an existing problem.

How much debris do you remove from the roof & gutters?

We can remove over 100kgs of mud from your gutters.
We have also removed so much leaf litter & debris, that a skip bin was needed to remove all of the waste. All workers carry additional garden bags for excess waste.

Can I use the dirt?

Yes.... If we are removing dirt from your gutters, it is the best dirt! We are often finding worms working hard to break down the leaf litter into soil. This soil can be used in your garden or pot plants!


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